2.4 Raiding = useless?

So 2.4 is on the PTR’s and I have yet to get a chance to transfer over to check out all the new goodies. So what have I been doing? Why reading over the patch notes as they stand so far. A lot of stuff is going into this patch, way more than anyone thought was going in but as it stands right now everything is blah except for one little item, diminishing returns will be removed from the game.

That’s right folks, the main reason you had to wait a day to find out how many points you actually got from that 4 hour stretch of AV, WSG and EoTS is gone. Got a Rogue in an AV that’s grieving you? Grab a friend and camp his butt for as long as the BG lasts and get full honor the entire time.

This is great news for those of us that have limited raid availabilities and have to resort to Battlegrounds for the cool gear. As it stands right now, I think with this, being able to gear up in PvP gear will become a little faster, just getting the marks you need might slow down. I think the biggest change will be the amount of people that play WSG from now on. All those turtles in the middle of the playing field actually become a viable honor farming spot if you think about it. Good stuff people, good stuff. Time to get your PvP on.


~ by Poxus on February 11, 2008.

2 Responses to “2.4 Raiding = useless?”

  1. I agree WSG is going to be fun again. They are adding a debuff to the flag holder to prevent turtles. Even with that I will gladly farm honor in WSG and then when I cant gain anymore honor go for the win. Lets run some theory math. Say each player gives you 25 honor. 10 players per team = 250 Honor. I can get max honor 50 times so that would be 12500 honor. If im wrong in that calculation please correct me. Heck thats instant too!

  2. They also implemented a system where once a player dies 50 times, they stop giving honor. Even with this, like your math states, this is going to be some amazing PvP going on in the world of Azeroth after 2.4.

    One would think that Blizzard is trying to make it easy for us casuals to get the gear we need to get into some of the raids they make. If this is correct, maybe I’ll actually see some sort of end game in the next Xpac.

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