Not Evil Enough!

I had to re-spec back to Demonology. Why? Affliction just doesn’t hold the appeal right now as it use to. I love instant Howl of Terror, love the amount of Dots I have to throw around, but I miss having other things to do. I fill like all I do is spam Dots on mobs and that’s it. Nothing else.

So Demonology offers me more of a play style I like. I still have some Dots to throw around. I have a buffed up pet that is a menace in itself. Ways to kill that pet and buff me up if I need to, and one of the best self buffs a caster can get in the game. That’s why I went back to my old evil Demonologist self. I missed it and now I feel whole again.

If you wonder how I specced then wonder no more. I went back to my old 5/45/11 build and it usefulness in many situations. Wonder why I specced the way I did? Shoot my a email or comment and I’ll gladly answer it.


~ by Poxus on January 31, 2008.

8 Responses to “Not Evil Enough!”

  1. Poxus, I couldn’t possibly agree more. Demonology is just plain fun. And Affliction bores me to tears. I’m curious how you spent those 11 points in Destro though (since I can’t view your armory at the moment). I’m currently running a 13/48/0 build myself for the Improved CoA/CoD build but am looking at placing those points into the Destro tree for a quicker Shadowbolt cast.


    that right there. Just to Shadowburn fr a instant cast nuke when I need it.
    Demonology is fun though, I couldn’t see playing anything else right now.

  3. […] This weekend brought along a few changes to my character. After having read Poxus’ post as well as seeing some other info on the web regarding the “best” way to spend […]

  4. That’s it, Both you and Arrens have convinced me to give level 70 Demo a shot. Last time I had my felguard was around 62, so it will be interesting to see how I go, but I can’t keep hearing about the awesomeness and not try it out again.

  5. Welcome back to the fold, Shas. But here’s a tip that you probably know and that I constantly forget when in a raid or instance: Unless the CC is far enough away from your Felguard, turn off Cleave. The hunters/rogues/mages hate it when you break their Crowd Control. Wimps.

  6. Sorry for the late replies, had work/school issues that kept me busy then the tornadoes ripped through Tennessee and threw out the internet for some time.

    @Shas…Glad you are trying out the Demo tree, I am sure once you get the hang of it you will love it.

  7. @Arrens Good mention there on the cleave. I have had that happen a couple times myself.

    I also find myself not using the Felguard on trash and mainly on Boss fights. Why? Trash dies to fast to make it worthwhile. It is easier to just use the imp for the buff and pull outthe big guy on the important fights.

  8. @Poxus: I simply can’t bring myself to summon my imp. Ever. I know my raid team loves the stamina buff, but that little bouncing leper gnome gets on my nerves. So I just send in the Felguard to bring the extra DPS, even on the trash mobs. Making the bad guys go down that much faster makes me a happy camper.

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