A Trip to see the King..

High King Maulgar that is. You know him, you hate him, and apparently he is better than us last night. Not a great trip into Gruul’s Lair as it was but hopefully someone learned a few things on the trip.

“What went wrong?”

Oh so many things, where to begin. The healing wasn’t there from what I saw. Being a Warlock has its advantages. How? Well for one, once you cast all your dots, check your mana reserve, look after your pet, all there is to do normally is spam shadowbolts until the dots need refreshed. Really, that’s it. So what do I do while waiting for that time? I watch the raid.

You can get a unique perspective on how a raid functions if you get the time to watch what others are doing in an encounter. It is an amazing thing to watch, so I hope you get a chance to do it at some point.

Back on subject, the healing wasn’t there. We had plenty of healers, good healers in fact, the kind of healers that you look for in a guild because they are just that damn good. So why was the healing not there then? Because the healers were getting pummeled from mobs, as was the whole raid.

It is a tricky pull to grab the Mage and have everyone else grab their targets at the same time. I think on the third try we got to a point that we had the pull down, we just needed to get the spacing down. Once we got the spacing down, we tried again and actually got the Priest down, then went to Olm, only to have the mage tank die and let the Ogre Mage go cast happy on the entire raid, not fun stuff.

“So what is the Warlocks role, and did you accomplish it?”

A Warlocks role on this fight is simple. First, after the pull, you head towards Olm and try to enslave/banish his felhunter he summons. If you get an enslave to work, put the felhunter on Olm to help tank him, using his devour to eat a buff Olm likes to use. If you can’t enslave, then banish the felhunter to keep it out of the fight until Olm is dead. Other than that it is simple, provide mass amounts of raw DPS on the first target the raid leader says is to die, while keeping an eye on Olm for more felhunters being summoned to keep them off the raid members.

I tend to think the Warlocks did their part last night. There were 3 Warlocks in the raid last night. I set up a enslave/banish rotation so not all of us were trying to do the same thing. We had the felhunters taken care of most of the different fights, except for one felhunter that got loose. Other than that we did our part.

I didn’t get to stick around though to see if we could get the king down, as the storms came through and disconnected me for some time, but I thought it was a decent learning experience at least. Oh well, maybe next time.


~ by Poxus on January 30, 2008.

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