You learn something everyday

I have been playing a Warlock since before The Burning Crusade came out. Ran with a guild that would 25 man Molten Core and we did really well at anything we did. I like to think of myself as an almost knowledgeable person when it comes to raiding as a Warlock. I have spent plenty of time scanning our talent trees trying to find the best spec to use that would provide the best DPS for the guild. I just thought I knew most of what I needed to know to be effective.

Now I found a link to a website that has a lot of information I already knew but also some I didn’t. What’s the link? Here you go! Now granted, it is by no means the holy grail of information on Warlocks and their usage in PVE content, but it is a good place to find out about gear choices when it comes to what you want to look at when raiding.

Now remember that the above link refers to Warlocks in RAID mode. That means level 70 heading into 10 man content and above. Anything below level 70, just follow my old mantra of the more +spell damage the better when it comes to making things die.


~ by Poxus on January 29, 2008.

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