Spell Review: Life Tap

A lot of people I know and have known never really understood this spell very well. I think the only other class that had a intimate knowledge of this spell were Priests, and some of them better than a few Warlocks I know. So you want to know more about Life Tap? Let’s see what I can do then.

Life Tap Rank1 tool-tip is the following:

Life Tap Rank 1


Converts 20 health into 20 mana.

Now this is the part where people get lost. Yes, this spell takes your life and converts into mana. Why? Because at the core of this class Warlocks are a caster and casters need mana to cast their spells.

“Well why not just get more mana with Intellect?”

That is the question I hear most often. Because a Warlocks mechanics are different other casters, like Mages, who stack intellect like it’s candy. The reason for this spell is the ability for Warlocks to stack Stamina, to convert it into mana when needed, as well as some of the melee fighting we might get into when we pull aggro or drain tank( I’ll touch those subjects later).

Life Tap is a spell that any good Warlock knows how to use. It is a quick way to top off on some mana and keep going in a fight(although Life Tap during a melee situation might not be advisable). I use Life Tap a lot during a raiding environment, as it gives us a way to fill up on mana and continue to fight the good fight while not having to burn a Mana Potion or any other mana replenishing ability in the game, saving them for your Healers or other mana dependent classes.

There is also a talent to increase the effectiveness of Life Tap in the Affliction talent tree called Improved Life Tap with 2 ranks. The tool-tips are as follows:

Improved Life Tap Rank 1

Increases the amount of Mana awarded by your Life Tap spell by 10%.


Improved Life Tap Rank 2

Increases the amount of Mana awarded by your Life Tap spell by 20%.

That is a huge amount of mana to be grabbing for a little amount of health in a raid fight or any other fight. Rank 7 has the following tool-tip:

Life Tap Rank 7


Converts 580 health into 580 mana.

So with 1 press of a button you can have enough mana to cast a couple of your damage over time spells, or any other spell you might need to use at the current time. Pretty nice little spell if you want my opinion. Now the last thing to touch on when using this spell is in regards to the healers out there and the job they have of keeping everyone alive. When using this spell it is sometimes best to have a macro assigned to warn your raid healers that your health is dropping intentionally and not to freak out. Something simple like the one I use below:


/cast Life Tap

/raid Tap Tap Tap, Making mana just like that!

Thanks to Wowhead for their database for all the links posted above.


~ by Poxus on January 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “Spell Review: Life Tap”

  1. The key to this spell is to learn to combine it with things that generate health. That way you have a positive-sum game:
    i) life-tap,
    ii) do something to restore the health that was transformed into manna
    iii) ???
    iv) profit

    The most obvious match-up is drain life. A quick life tap before drain life gets the best of both worlds – more manna and more health. It’s just a matter of getting into the habit of firing life tap at the right time – somewhere between DOTting and draining.

    Also, if you have the ability to regenerate health over time (and we all do if we have demon armour up…) then a life-tap between fights makes sense too if you can recover the health before the next fight.

    Just simple stuff, but hey every bit helps…

  2. Good things to remember. The reason I didn’t add this into this writ up was I like to call this a modifier. i plan on going into detail on all the possible modifiers we Warlocks can use or get through talents soon, just working on the write up at the moment, as well as a few other things.

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