My Most Evil Gratitude

goes to The Khorium Toolbox. Why? Because of their tireless desire to bring forth the best of the Engineering world to their readers. Starting over from scratch was made even easier last night with their information. It made things go by so much more faster than I though it would.

Basically here is the story. I posted yesterday how I was dropping Tailoring and Enchanting so I could blow stuff up in evil, demeaning ways. Well, I did drop them and picked up Mining and Engineering to level up. I wasn’t to fond of the thought of running around looking for ore to level up and stock up on, then I remembered a post on thus fore mentioned website.

TKT walked us through the steps up setting up Cartographer and their associated updates and viola! a great way to find the ore I need in less time and without much running around for nothing. So once again, I give much evil gratitude to them or their work.


~ by Poxus on January 29, 2008.

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