I think I have had it…

with Tailoring and Enchanting. I have spent numerous amounts of gold and time trying to raise the two professions, only to be sitting at 360 Tailoring and 29 Enchanting. Am I making any money off of them? Nope. Do they add to the over all value of my evil ways? Again, nope. Time to throw them to the way side and find another profession that will add to my over all evil charm? Absolutely.

So what am I going to do? Engineering. Not just any Engineering either, Goblin Engineering. You see, they I think about it, having someone running around like a plucked goose because I just got a fear.Howl of Terror/Deathcoil off on them, only to have them regain their senses and see a giant bomb flying their way is totally delectable for me. I can not tell you the kinds of good dreams I have of midnight bombing runs on poor little low level players, of my joy at the thought of lobbing fused projectile explosives at Halaa battles.

So tonight I will dispose of Tailoring and Enchanting for a profession that excites my sensibilities. A new dawn is emerging I can feel it. A dawn of combustibles sending Gnomes flying through the air, oh the joy!


~ by Poxus on January 28, 2008.

One Response to “I think I have had it…”

  1. You’re not a shadoweave tailor? You’re doing yourself a disservice. 🙂

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