Back to an old friend

I have been a Demonologist since hitting 60 and Warlocks were able to spec for a Felguard. I loved the big guy, pure power, nasty, full of hate, made me such a proud Warlock to have such evil at my disposal. Last night that changed. I went back to a Affliction build. Full of nasty Dots to pass along to everyone I see, striking terror in anything I attack or gets in my way, oh the joy of being evil has returned!

I played around last night with my new talent build just to get the hang of everything again and found it came back to me quite easily. No needing to watch the pets health anymore was nice as well as taking a beating from someone and laughing while their health drops and mine never really moves. It was fun, very fun, too much fun in being so evil….I loves it!

now onto bigger and better things. Time to try it our in some PvP environments and see if I can continue to hold the middle ground on the kill charts. If that holds I may just have to stay here for awhile.


~ by Poxus on January 28, 2008.

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