I am not an avid role player, not even a role playing type, but I do get into my character. I have always been into the Warcraft universe an lore so the chance to play this game was just too much to pass up. I started this game upon release and haven’t stopped. I have played various classes but nothing ever really made me happy until I started playing a Warlock.

Playing a Warlock is like finally being free of other class restrictions. I don’t have to worrying about everyone else’s health, because I am no healer. I am not too worried about my weapons because I am no tank. I am pure DPS rolled up into a nice little evil package.

So was does a Warlock bring to someone wanting to play one? Power, pure unhindered power. Being a Warlock means you are feared by many, loved by none. It means being an outcast among your own kind while they secretly covet your power. It means knowing no boundaries when it comes to how you can kill and subjugate anything or anyone you wish. That is being a Warlock for me. Nothing else in this game matters anymore to me as I am home in what I want to play.


~ by Poxus on January 27, 2008.

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