My Quest for Green Fire

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So far it isn’t going so well. I have only come across one rare in Thunder Isle that I was able to kill and got vendor trash. It doesn’t look good for my goal of getting this done so I can get the title “of the Black Harvest”. I’ve been playing my Warlock since vanilla and would really like to be able to get this before launch so I guess I have a few late nights in store ahead for me.


Anyone else have an easier time in finding this? What did you kill and how long did it take you?

6.0+ Affliction Warlocks or 4 Button Chumps

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I’m continuing my on and off again relationship with Warcraft. After recently receiving an email to come back for 7 days of free time, after the 6.0 patch, I jumped at the chance to play with the new changes. I’ve glanced over changes here and there but never really jumped into them to see how the Affliction spec of the Warlock class seemed to work. So I decided to read up on Wowhead for the changes and then Icy Veins for the new rotations and such. That’s where it started getting bad.

Affliction, for me, has ALWAYS been about Dot management and control. Add in the drains for health and mana as well as souls then followed up by shadowbolts to the face when Nightfall proc’d and you made me a happy Warlock. From my reading on forums from long time Affliction Warlock players, this was the same feeling they had. 6.0 has killed that old feeling.

Affliction is no longer fun, in my opinion.

There are currently 4 abilities our DPS evolves around:

Haunt – DPs/damage buff

Agony – instant Dot

Unstable Affliction – casted Dot

Corruption – instant Dot

Drain Soul – Filler

There is a Soulburn: Haunt at level 100 that you will pop first to open with in the rotation making this a 5 button rotation with cooldowns, but even then you are back to the same rotation you have before. There is a little more mechanics in that rotation to watch but it’s basically your setup. This is your standard solo out in the world quest rotation as well as your raid rotation.

So basically the Affliction Warlock has been boiled down, the fun removed and left with a spec that everything it can do all on a single action bar.

My 7 free days ends tomorrow. Even with how crappy I feel the Affliction spec is I have hope for the class heading into Warlords. Destruction looks fun and even demonology seems to have so interesting fun in it so i’ll be giving those a shot as I WILL be re-subbed to the game at the end of my free time and giving the class my attention.

Let’s just hope it gets a little better and they bring the fun back…hello Shadowbolt Please!

Affliction is still fun for me

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Hearthstone has rekindled that Warcraft playing urge in me. I don’t know why but after I play Hearthstone I want to play Warcraft. It’s not a bad issue either as all of the MMO’s out there, Warcraft is the one I have played off and on for the longest period of time. Of course, with all the changes to the game since I last played, I’m completely lost on all the skills that are new. So, after trying out all the other classes, I still came back to the Warlock as the class I newly level up. This time I went undead and plan on leveling through the whole Horde side of things. As the title says, I currently hit level 10 and naturally went Affliction.

Affliction, to me, is the play style that is so easy to get into. It gives you range. It gives you lots of things to do in that range (depending on your level) and it also kills most stuff in that range it takes them to finally get to you. Affliction was one of the things I liked most in Burning Crusade as I went through most zones killing far more and faster than Hunters could take down and Mages AOE had nothing on the ability I had in farming an entire zone or area. So yeah, with those memories I went back to the Affliction route, once again.

Now, I have tried Destruction and the burst is extremely nice but to me, it seems too much like I’m playing a Mage. A fire Mage with a little demon pet going Pew Pew. That’s not Warlock enough for me. Where’s the pain and suffering? Affliction. Where’s the false hope you give your opponent before they realize there was no hope at all? Affliction. So with all this I am leveling Affliction again. I love it and it’s the style I enjoy the most.

Demonology Tanking

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So looking into everything I’ve missed since my absence, I’ve come across interesting information regarding Demonology. The main point being that they can tank. I find this very interesting as I’ve always wanted to try my hand at small 5 man dungeon tanking but never really wanted to give up on the Warlock. Now looks like it’s possible to do both!


I’m planning this weekend to try to find some time to figure out how this works. I’m not level 90 yet, not even geared for Heroics or the such. The plan is to try to do some research on the following:

  • Stats Required
  • Dungeon Strats
  • Rotation testing

With all of that to try to work through, looks like my weekend of Warlockery just got full!

Soul Link versus Dark Bargain

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Getting back into all things Warlock, I’ve been doing some reading on talents. seeing how I just hit 87, I wanted to make sure what I was using fell in line what everyone else was doing. One thing I noticed, as an Affliction Warlock, is that most websites that promote the “best spec” of talents always pick Dark Bargain of Soul Link. So why?

I use Soul Link and find it amazing currently. It shares the damage I or my demon takes. Yeah doesn’t sound so great up front but there is more to the talent when you add in the Glyph Siphon Life. That returns heath by a percentage of the dame done by Corruption. Also, we have Fel Armor as a passive, which reduces damage taken by 50%, increases our health by 10%, and increases healing through spells and effects by 10%. All Passive effects.

So what does that all mean? Right now at my level, it means that my and my demon health bars barely move. It still takes some more playing around with but at the moment I feel like I can take on most creatures easily, even level 90 creatures, and not break a sweat.

Dark Bargain on the other hand prevents all damage for 8 seconds. when that time is up, 50% of the damage is dealt to you over 8 seconds. Not a Passive and has a cool-down of 3 minutes.  So yeah…every 3 minutes I can be a bad ass and awesome or I can just do it passively all the time.

Thanks, I think I’ll stick with Soul Link at the moment.


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So with a Hearthstone beta key weeks ago I somewhat got back into the Blizzard world associated with Warcraft. I mainly spent most of my time playing the new card game and it did make me rekindle my love of the original game.

So I am going through and cleaning up the posts as it looks like some images are gone and such. Once that is done I’ll be back to posting what I am doing and how things are going.

The Story behind the Story

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Mt Hyjal is awesome!

It’s hard to express my true feelings in words on how much I am enjoying myself in-game right now, especially in this area. Partially, I believe it is because I just finished reading the Stormrage novels (which weren’t’ greatly written) and a lot of the story of the world is written into the story of the game. I think this has given Warcraft part of the huge fan base it has. I know I was enraptured when I originally heard about World of Warcraft being developed back while I was playing Everquest, due to the fact that I got into PC gaming through the RTS versions of Warcraft. Even though I leave time to time, here I am still loving their stories.

As for Mt Hyjal, the point I am currently at is I just freed Goldrinn and killed off the Pyro Elemental to save the day. I am ready move out from this area now and go help some other Ancient get back into the world all alive again. Now about this story-line. I am still waiting to see this played out, but I have a theory, depending on how things play out, that these Ancients coming back now will be a help in knocking off/out Deathwing, but maybe have an even more important role in a future expansion maybe…something about Sargeras since they were all alive/and killed during his last big attempt to enter Azeroth?

It’s all speculation at this point I know but that immediately popped into my mind when I started in on this quest chain. The last thing I did in-game was watch as I finally hit level 81 and notice that I have a new ability to go train. Looks interesting and now I am waiting to get home to train and test it out…on the Gnome Warlock that is now a Dwarf Warlock…finally!


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